Leading Change: Navigating Beyond Uncertainty (Part 2) | Asim Qureshi

The only constant in life and everything associated with it is the change. It’s inevitable that you will experience change at some point throughout your journey including professional. As a leader, business owner, or entrepreneur, it’s your job to set the tone when leading your organization or country through change. Those who dominate the market and competition have leaders that know how to lead through change better than anyone else.

Disruptive Change

As I wrote in my blog what are we learning? about leadership and change these days. Disruptive change is today’s normal that requires leaders who understand what failure means. More than resources including education and training it is resilience that determines who succeeds and who fails. To clarify it is not the same as thriving at work which is more about skills and knowledge applied with a sense of security.


Therefore, here are the considerations I believe Leaders need to take.

  1. During any type of organizational change effort, leaders must first exemplify the mindset for leading. A transformation from current into new normal.
  2. Storytelling plays a big role here because it helps the team start to envision what winning will look like — emotionally connecting the dots.
  3. Include the majority (if not all) of the team at all levels in the planning process and celebrating wins — it’s imperative for showing visible progress.
  4. Be Diverse. When leaders invite the participation of as many people as possible in the planning process, they are gaining. Everyone has a voice in the outcome.
  5. Change usually takes longer and has more significant costs than you plan for. The journey allows you to start questioning and considering other opportunities.
  6. In any high-performance team accountability matters as much or more than anything else. It has a direct impact on performance, growth, and the ability to lead lasting change.
  7. Resilient leaders are constantly looking for threats and opportunities. They learn fast and bounce back from adversity stronger than before. The case of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter is a litmus test on this.

Leading Change is inevitable.

Consumer sentiment is changing world-wide and here is a good way of looking at it. A Mckinsey Report. If data dictates course correction, so be it.

As restrictions lift and pockets of spending return, consumer behavior begins to adapt to the next normal. To fulfill the transformation vision. Change must have an authentic and consistent narrative and delivered through mechanisms that require discipline.

Resilient teams are made up of resilient leaders.




Founder Starring Brands.The Man Who Did It (Twice) In India For Pakistan.Leading Change With Marketing| Former Ceo at Pakistan’s Top 2 Media & Still Learning

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Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi

Founder Starring Brands.The Man Who Did It (Twice) In India For Pakistan.Leading Change With Marketing| Former Ceo at Pakistan’s Top 2 Media & Still Learning

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