Leading Change: Navigating Beyond Uncertainty (Part 2) | Asim Qureshi

Disruptive Change


  1. During any type of organizational change effort, leaders must first exemplify the mindset for leading. A transformation from current into new normal.
  2. Storytelling plays a big role here because it helps the team start to envision what winning will look like — emotionally connecting the dots.
  3. Include the majority (if not all) of the team at all levels in the planning process and celebrating wins — it’s imperative for showing visible progress.
  4. Be Diverse. When leaders invite the participation of as many people as possible in the planning process, they are gaining. Everyone has a voice in the outcome.
  5. Change usually takes longer and has more significant costs than you plan for. The journey allows you to start questioning and considering other opportunities.
  6. In any high-performance team accountability matters as much or more than anything else. It has a direct impact on performance, growth, and the ability to lead lasting change.
  7. Resilient leaders are constantly looking for threats and opportunities. They learn fast and bounce back from adversity stronger than before. The case of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter is a litmus test on this.

Leading Change is inevitable.



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