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As I am writing about Leadership Crises In The World Of Coronavirus. The total number of global cases has passed 1 million, doubling in 1 week. More than 50,000 fatalities. Over 200,000 patients are reported to have recovered. USA accounts for 20% of infections globally. Italy’s death toll tops 13,974 followed by Spain which crossed 10,000. Germany while exceeding the number of infections in China has a low Death Rate of 1.3%. UK records more than 33,000 confirmed cases. The Death Toll in Iran exceeds 3,000. In Short, the world is not ready to manage the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020.

The Real Crisis

When a crisis happens it’s all about how quickly we can react. From Iran to Italy to Spain to the UK, the USA and many more. It is a leadership challenge of humanly possible decisions across the world. Observing the response so far is not up to the mark. More so in the so-called developed world.? Are we simply not ready? OR in other words, is it a leadership test of unprecedented scale? Only Time will decide.

Science and Data

The world has dealt with pandemics and plenty of data backed by analysis is available which wasn’t before. As we move through this coronavirus crisis many of us can number crunch every day to project flattening the curve. The point is why governments and related organizations are not able to predict. Not only the #COVID-19 but also the next pandemic and more importantly prepare for it. Risk management becomes very important.

Artificial Intelligence

BlueDot a Canadian company identified coronavirus before anyone else including the World Health Organization. Their # AI-based platform picked up unusual pneumonia cases around Wuhan China by midnight 30 December 2019. In effect, the start-up was flagging a disease before it could spread. The key to BlueDot is big data, machine learning, and processing from several sources. The next step is naturally predicting its spread.

Collaborating Together

Governance today requires inclusivity or in other words collaboration and resourcefulness to succeed. Proactivity is the need of the hour to manage a catastrophe of such magnitude. Perhaps to avoid a Leadership Crises In The World Of Coronavirus. Therefore, listening to experts and analyzing data helps to focus on facts. Thus making sound decisions. Leadership is the ability to make the right decision at the right time. Today most governments are found struggling in doing just that. Be it Lockdowns, Ventilators, Testing Kits, or the skilled workforce required to manage the crises.


The #COVID-19 crises will eventually subside. When ? the answer today is only time would tell. But at what cost.? AI-based models can predict just that. The economic loss is already being taken into account with data-based projections worldwide. This brings me back to the most important realization. Collaborating with AI-based platforms and investing in relevant tech startups within their own ecosystem is likely to help political leadership in managing the next big disaster.

As I conclude please allow me to ask. What could have your country done differently had you known about the coronavirus on time? or rather before time.?

Title Image Credit: Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash




Founder Starring Brands.The Man Who Did It (Twice) In India For Pakistan.Leading Change With Marketing| Former Ceo at Pakistan’s Top 2 Media & Still Learning

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Asim Qureshi

Asim Qureshi

Founder Starring Brands.The Man Who Did It (Twice) In India For Pakistan.Leading Change With Marketing| Former Ceo at Pakistan’s Top 2 Media & Still Learning

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